Check the usage of your drives in a graphical storage interface!
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AWIECO DriveInfo

The AWIECO DriveInfo is a free add-in for Windows Home Server 2011 and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. The add-in integrates itself into the "Server Folders and Hard Drives" area of your Dashboard. It shows a graphical overview of your hard disks and drives inside the Dashboard.

The AWIECO DriveInfo also picks up all your standard shared folders and user created shares. What’s more, it reveals the usage of the drives as well as folders in a bar chart for every hard disk. Additionally to the shared folders, you have the possibility to see the usage of the backup drive. The total overview of your server storage is presented in a pie chart.

Licensing / Distribution

You can use this product at no charge for either commercial or non-commercial purposes. The freeware products can be shared in unmodified form keeping all copyrights, trademarks, and other identifying marks. However, for distribution on a commercial basis, you must obtain a written permission from AWIECO. By distributing this software, you are liable for providing support, ensuring safe software, and maintaining this agreement.

Due to the uncontrollable nature of freeware, AWIECO renders forum support only for the freeware applications available. If you wish to receive more technical support, you may consider acquiring a single user license, even if your usage complies with the freeware license terms.